7. The fate of the furious 

Review: Fast and furious series will always be massive hit on screens. The main reasons behind the success of Fast and furious is because of their casting, action sequences and the story plot revolving around a family. This movie is the 8th edition of this series and it doesn’t feature Paul Walker, who died in a car accident during 2013. In this edition we have the family broken by their lead which causes a betrayal and this increased the curiosity among fans, as what would be the future of this family. Will Dominic Toretto stand against his family as never before? How will his family face him on roads? These are the questions that all have after viewing the trailer of this movie. The cast of this movie is power packed as it is lead by Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Chris Bridges. Jason Statham who appeared on the last edition as Deckard Shaw who played the negative role, now joins with the allies and take down Dom. This movie is always known for the special stunt scenes and they create a benchmark of its own. This reckons that the movie will fulfill the expectations of action lovers. The movie is written by Chris Morgan and directed by F.Gary Gray. This movie is distributed by Universal Pictures and scheduled to be released on April 2017.

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