5) Pizza (2012):

7 Best Tamil Horror Movies 5Pizza Movie became instant Hit among youth and later drawn the family audience by good WOM(Word of Mouth). The film was directed by Karthik Subburaj who later became a renowned director with the release of Jigarthanda. Pizza had Vijay Sethupathi in lead role which is a career changing movie for him, labelled him as Hero officially. His acting was natural & spontaneous as Pizza delivery boy Michael.While delivering a Pizza to a Lady, Vijay Sethupathi run out of change and the lady goes to her neighbour home for a change where she gets murdered, when Vijay Sethupathi went to help her, he gets locked inside the house to make it worse he came to realise it was haunted house.What happens next is the rest of the story. The story ends with an unexpected twist.The film had only one song which is a significant advantage for the movie.Watch the trailer below.

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4) Pisasu (2014):

7 Best Tamil Horror Movies 4Pisasu was directed by Mysskin. This movie is a different kind of film in this genre. As soon as you heard the story line, you will agree with me. The story is about the ghost in love with a human. There is no revenge in the story.Hero witnesses a Hit and Run case and tried to help the victim girl by admitting her in Hospital but it doesn’t help in saving her life.The hero could not erase the memory of the girl who died in an accident and soon finds that ghost of the dead girl stays in his home haunting him.What happens next is the story. The movie ends with an unexpected twist. Audience and critics both loved the movie.Lead role played by Naga & Prayaga Martin. Watch the trailer below

3) 13B Yaavarum Nalam (2009):7 Best Tamil Horror Movies 3Yaavarum Nalam AKA 13B was an extraordinary Thriller film.Maddy(Madhavan) plays a Lead role, Maddy lives with his family happily, and things started to change when he shifts to newly purchased apartment 13B. A serial is being telecasted exclusively on his Home television alone which shows the future incidents that are going to happen in his family. The film was directed by Vikram K Kumar. The film will make you glue to the seat until the end.This is the only movie Maddy acted in this genre and became one of the best Tamil horror movies of all time. The film was made in Hindi too with the same cast, and it was a hit in the Hindi language too.Watch the trailer below.

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