2) Demonte Colony (2015):7 Best Tamil Horror Movies 2Demonte Colony was directed by newcomer Ajay GnanaMuthu, and lead roles were played by Arulnidhi, Ramesh Thilak, Sananth. The story is about four friends after boozing decided to do something thrilling, so they decided to explore the dilapidated mansion in the vicinity, called Demonte Colony.Only later they realise they made a grave mistake by entering the mansion. Within few days they began to die one by one by bizarre incidents. The screenplay of the movie is gripping and goes with the flow which made it as one of the best Tamil horror movies. It is to be noted that DeMonte Colony was real Haunted Mansion in Chennai famous among localities for strange incidents around the colony. As soon as this Movie got released, DeMonte Colony became a Tourist Spot among Teenagers. Due to this Government demolished the mansion within two months after the movie came.Watch The trailer below.

1) Maya (2015):7 Best Tamil Horror Movies 1Maya (2015) was written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan again a newcomer.The lead role played by none other than Nayanthara leading heroin in Tamil industry. Big kudos to Nayanthara for accepting roles like this & for the director for coming up with a different script. director firmly believed in the story, and the way story executed on the big screen is remarkable. The story is about Nayanthara accepts a challenge of watching a horror film, alone in a theatre to pay the debts but as soon as she starts watching the film, her life changes by the surreal experience that she never expected.This movie is one of the best Tamil Horror Movies in story wise, like the movies mentioned above this movie also ends with an unexpected twist. Watch the trailer below

P.S: You might be wondering why Movies like Kanchana, Muni, Arundhathi are not added in this list.Because we just made sure no intervention of God or Devotional Songs in the Above Best Tamil Horror Movies List but surely these would come up in our Top 10 Tamil Horror Movies List:-)

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