4. Beauty and the beast

Review: Beauty and the beast is the remake of the animated film created by Walt Disney. Following the successful remake of animated films like The Jungle Book and Cindrella, Disney has made another film which is also expected to be on the same list. The story of this movie is not new as it’s an adaptation of the famous fairy tale. A young woman is trapped in a castle by a beast and later on she realized that he is good person and falls in love with the beast. Emma Watson is playing the role of the beautiful woman – Belle and Dan Stevens is the beast. Bill Condon, who made the famous “The Twilight Saga” is the director for this film. Fans of animated films will be expecting a lot when it’s remade as live action movies. This increases the anticipation of this movie. This movie is expected to be released by March 2017 and distributed by Walt Disney Studios.

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